Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jerry Gambrell - 2011 Instructor of the Year for Prime Inc.

March 26, 2012 (Springfield, Missouri) –Prime Inc. recently named Jerry Gambrell its 2011 Instructor of the Year. Since Gambrell started working for Prime two years ago, he has won multiple awards for best pre-trip inspections and proven himself to be a strong leader for Prime's driver training program. "Recognition like this means so much to me," said Gambrell. "Not only am I able to give back to the industry that has allowed me to provide for my family, but I'm with a company that realizes my worth and treats me accordingly."

After a brief period of time working in healthcare, Gambrell decided that he was being called to the trucking industry. He spent about eight years with an LTL carrier, but eventually felt like he needed a change that provided more opportunities for him and his family. Gambrell eventually decided that he wanted to become an owner operator, which would allow him to manage his own business and be in control of his career, and just needed the right company to partner with. "I spent a lot of time researching different companies and Prime became the logical choice for me and my family. Prime had all the crucial components I was looking for," said Gambrell. "Not only were they a stable company that was well respected in the industry, but they were growing and its freight network made me feel confident that the miles would always be there."

Now as a driver instructor for Prime, Grambrell makes it his goal for his students to leave the program feeling like they are capable and ready for what this career has to offer. The job isn't easy, said Gambrell, and he's had to learn how to adapt to different personalities and communication styles with each student.

The reward of seeing each of his students succeed, however, is well worth it. "People always ask me why I chose Prime. With Prime, my time on the road is valued. Gone are the days of wasting my time sitting at a truck stop waiting for my next load instead of running it," said Gambrell, who moved his family from Ruskin, Fla., to Nixa, Missouri, near Prime's headquarters in order to spend more time at home when he wasn't on the road. "Now, my most valued time – my time with family – is quality. For my wife and five children, Prime was the best choice we could have made."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Prime Inc. Driving Principles: Service

Service: We will provide quality service that meets or exceeds our customers' requirements.

Prime Inc. Driving Principles: Fun

Fun: We will provide a work environment that is enjoyable. We will select associates, vendors and customers that we can get along with and enjoy.  We believe that life is too short not to have fun.

Prime Inc. Driving Principles: Excellence

Our goal is to be the best. We will strive for total quality and continuous improvement.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stormi In Her Purple Prom Dress

David Standridge drives for Prime.  His great niece (Stormi) loves the color purple and couldn't help but pick out this dress for her 7th Grade Prom.  Her Great Uncle's truck just happened to be her favorite color too.  It was definitely photo op time!

Family vacations are on the horizon with Stormi out of school for the summer.  When asked where the Standridge family plan to go for their summer vacation, KK (David's wife) and Stormi both said "to the terminal! Prime has become a family thing for us, everyone there is so friendly." 

David is training his brother Lance through the Prime PSD Program.  Prime truly is a family affair for David and his wife.  Thanks for the pictures David.  This is a great story and we hope Stormi had a great time at her Prom!  She looked beautiful.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Michael Finney - Prime Driver Profile

Meet Michael Finney.  Michael grew up in Baltimore, MD then moved to Atlanta, GA at the age of 12.  That's where his life was shaped.  Michael's Grandpa was a truck driver that did dedicated runs up to Chicago and back.  Michael would often times ride with him on the truck during the summers.  A star basketball player (all county) on his High School team, Michael's life changed in his last game of the season.  A serious ankle injury all but shattered his dreams of playing in college.  The recovery time of the injury turned out to be longer than anticipated.  He woke up one day trying to figure out what to do next.  His Grandpa told him that he better figure it out!  That's when it hit him..."I want to drive a truck." 

Michael says that he learned a lot from playing sports and none more important than paying attention to details.  Hard work and dedication can get you far in this life.  Michael Finney is living proof of that.  He has been driving a truck for nine years and is currently a Driver/Trainer for Prime Inc.  When asked why Prime?...Michael says that it's in the equipment.  Prime pays attention to details from the cleanliness and quality of their equipment to the way they treat their drivers.  Michael's hard work and dedication fits well into Prime's business model and in return he has the opportunity to make more money.  Michael is in control of his own destiny at Prime and he takes it seriously.

When asked why he isn't on the basketball court every time he comes into the Prime Terminal in Springfield, MO - his response was a testament to why he is so successful.  "I love to play basketball and want to play every chance I get.  The only times I won't play is when I have a student on the driving pad.  That student is my responsibility.  They deserve my 100% attention and I am 100% focused on their success. I can't give that if I'm out playing ball."

An avid collector of hats (200+) and shoes (20+), Michael stays true to the things he enjoys.  His three favorite sports teams are ironically..."the teams everyone enjoys to hate - Lakers, Cowboys & Yankees," Michael said with a smile.  He plans to get a Koby Bryant decal on his LA Lakers themed Prime Truck.

Michael Finney has been driving and training with Prime for over a year and a half.  If you see Michael in any one of our terminals, introduce yourself.  Just don't volunteer to guard him on the basketball court! :)