Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prime DHF Introduces the Prime Bike Challenge

Prime takes Driver Health & Fitness to a new level with the Prime Bike Challenge.  All Prime Drivers are elligible to participate in the challenge that runs from September 1st through the 30th of 2012.  Drivers are asked to ride any bicycle for the month of September and use any smartphone app (such as "Map My Ride") or training device (such as "Garmin" or "Polar Multisport Watch") to log their distance, speed, elevation, routes, etc.  Only road miles count - no bike trianer miles or stationary bike miles.

Prime Inc. has multiple divisions within the company.  A Prime Driving Associate in each division with the most miles logged wins.  Special awards for the longest single road ride, longest single trail ride, single ride with the greates amount of elevation, over-all greatest elevation, fastest average speed for a single ride, fastest average speed for the entire competition, most state parks visited, etc. Top 50% of riders will be entered into a raffle for a unique grand prize that will be announced midway through the competition based on the number of contestants.  Award winners must present/share their mileage logs and maps.

Please visit DHFPrime.com for details.

Prime Driving Associates can find a discounted price on the Montaque Paratrooper Fold-Up Mountain Bike inside the Prime company store in Springfield, MO. 

For more information please contact Siphiwe Baleka

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